Friday, October 22, 2010

My Little Chatterbox

I know that I am completely biased, but I really do have a funny kid!  So that I don't forget the funny things nate says, here is another installment of: Funny S**t Nate says

-- Last night when asked if his tummy hurt he said yes.  When asked why he said, "because I ate too much food."

-- Nate tell anyone in front of a computer that in order to get to his favorite website (this Thomas and friend website in case you couldn't guess) that "you need to oogle Thomas mommy (or daddy or pop or mommom)"  You too can oogle things!

--  Nate gave me a big tight hug the other say and said "I going to keep you Mommy."  Mommy is going to keep you too Nate.

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