Friday, August 5, 2011

Nate Napping

Yes, at 3.5 years old Nate still naps everyday... it is wonderful!  But, with the bathroom under construction we can;t get to his room during the day with the contractors are there.  So, I set him up on the sofa with a nest of blankets and his nummies and hoped for the best.  It isn't the longest nap in the world (45 minutes to an hour tops), but it is a little bit of down time.

They are so cute when they are asleep :)


Nate LOVES to paint.  There isn't much that holds his attention, I mean really HOLDS his attention, but the other day we painted both with a brush and our fingers for 2 solid hours.

Conked Out

I always check on Nate before I got to bed... he has a tendency to kick his covers off and then get cold.  This is how I found him.  I guess he got out of his bed to read a book and play with his Duplos and then just conked out.