Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Color Me Surprised

Nate has been really into coloring lately.  "Mommy will you color with me?" is a frequent request in our house.  So, to make my life easier and because I am just that lazy, I got two sets of crayons and markers, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.  The upstairs set is in a plastic box with a lid and is sitting on the nightstand at the foot of Nate's crib. 

This morning when Nate woke up (at 5:50) I went into his room and gave him  some books to read and blocks to play with.  I then went back to sleep until my alarm went off.  I thought that Nate was a little too quite, but sometimes he falls back to sleep so I didn't really worry, until I went in his room to check on him.

He was very much awake.  Apparently he had figured out how to get the container of crayons and markers up and over the side of his crib and was very happily coloring his toys, his Thomas the Train books, his feet, and every animal of his sheets.

Luckily, they are washable markers and somehow they did not bleed onto the mattress pad.  I couldn't be mad, he was so happy coloring his little heart out.

I should have taken a picture of his sheets but I did not.  I will take a picture if the marker doesn't come out!

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Aunt Sally said...

how wonderful that he figured all of that out and was having a good time.