Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Milestone and More Funny S**t Nate Says

Nate has mastered the Thumb Up hand gesture!
Now to move on to other hand gestures... (just kidding!)

-- The other morning in the car Nate did something and I said, "You're funny."  He responded, "Yes I am.  I'm Nate XXXX, and I can do thing!"

-- Nate proudly proclaims, "Happy Meorahakah!"  (That would be Channukah and Menorah combined)

-- Nate LOVES Tylenol.  I don;t know if it is the bubblegum flavor that he likes or that he knows it makes him feel better, but he called out, in a croaky-froggy voice, from his bed the other morning, "Mommy!  I need Tyelnol!  Listen to my throat... AHHHHHHHH!"

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