Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hands Down!

Nate and I were playing trains yesterday and Beo (our big black lab) was sitting right next to me breathing down my neck. I said something to the dog along the lines of "missing daddy bub?" when Nate asked me "Mommy, is Beo missing Daddy?"

I responded, "I think he is buddy. Are you missing daddy too?"

Nate said, "Yeah, I missing Daddy too."

I said something among the lines of, "He'll be home soon," when Nate looked at me and asked, "Mommy, can Beo play trains without hands?" and he held up his hands in illustration.

[My jaw hits the floor and I stare at my toddler as if he had just explained the origins of the universe to me]

I responded, "No, buddy, I don't think Beo can play trains without hands. Why did you want him to play with you?"

Nate looked a little sad and said "Yeah mommy."

Is it just me or was that pretty deep thinking for 2.5?

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