Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm not feeling very creative today so I thought I would provide a snap shot of what Nate is doing now at 23 months:

-- Says "No" (alot!)
-- Is out of a high chair and into a booster seat. He can climb in and buckle himself in without any assistance
-- LOVES to climb on anything and everything
-- He has started speaking in sentences (albeit short ones)
-- He can climb onto mommy and daddy's bed
-- He can climb in and out of his crib if the side is down
-- When he picks up any phone he says "HELLO!"
-- He has started to "fake sleep." He finds a spot on the floor, covers himself with a blanket, and starts snoring. I don't know where he learned it, but it is hysterical.
-- When he does something surprising he says "Ta Da"
-- Loves to dance (and loves dance music)
-- Is only using a binky when he is in his bed. He has adjusted pretty well so far.
-- Tells us when he pees and will sit on his frog potty.
-- Like to flush the toilet for you
-- Is completely obsessed with Thomas the Train, Buzz LightYear, and Doc Hudson from Cars.
-- Loves our dog Jax more than anything else in the world

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