Friday, February 1, 2008


I arrived at the hospital this morning to find Molly nursing...yes nursing!!!  Mommy is officially Nate's favorite new food source!  Otherwise he has only his pic line for the antibiotics.  Molly is also doing well.  She's not relying on the pain medication, but we'll see how that goes once she comes home (discharged Saturday).

Oh and I forgot to tell everyone how he's totally my son...  he's already ripped out 2 IVs, smacked and peed on a nurse.  What a little terror already.  So Nate will be in the NICU for a few more days, and as long as things continue as they have, he should be coming home Tuesday-ish.

For everyone asking "where are more/updated pics dad..."  they're coming.  We've had our hands full finally holding the little guy.

Nate's puppies are eagerly awaiting his arrival; they can't wait to have a new best bud!

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Anonymous said...

We are so excited to meet Nathan. Give him a squish for all of us. Amy Marc Seth Zachary