Sunday, February 3, 2008

In all seriousness...

With tomorrow being our last day in the hospital (fingers crossed), I have to just say again how great the Riddle Memorial Hospital Birth Center & NICU staff has been. I don't know that Molly or I would have been able to deal with the circumstances of Nate's birth. They are Nate's extended family and can't wait to bring him back for a visit over the coming years to let them continue to share in his life.

We have friends who's children spend time in the NICU and with them we can only sympathize with them again as we understand what they dealt with, even if on a smaller scale, and appreciate their support.

To our families & all our friends who've been there for us the past week, visited, called, texted, has meant a lot to us and we can't wait to have you over to meet Nate!

Thank You!

ps: Molly hasn't seen any of this blog yet (no internet access at the hospital; I've been reading everything to her each night) but I promise she'll be a regular contributer soon. And I'll try to keep any serious entries to a minimum and work on the humor as much as possible.

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la famiglia said...

Yay! Going home - the puppies are going to be so happy to have Molly and little Nate home with them! Glad everything is going well and can not wait to meet Nate and see you guys!