Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Dust

In the car the other day Nate was enthusiastically talking about his room at mom-mom's house.  He was describing it in detail and telling me all about the toys in his room, and the bed in his room, and the books in his room.  Then he got to the closet.

The closet in Nate's room at mom-mom's house is HUGE.  I could, in fact, be another room for Nate to play in.  He was telling me about what was in it and how it was organized, and then he says, "and mommy it smells really good too."  I said, "Oh?  What does it smell like?"  and Nate replies, "It smells like baby dust...good!"

I figured baby dust = baby power, but in fact that closet smells like lavender, so in Nate's mind lavender = baby dust.  I love it!

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