Wednesday, July 29, 2009

18 Month Old

Our little Natey-Bug is 18 months old today. We are so lucky to have this little dude in our lives.

So I don't forget, since I am not the best at updating his baby book:

-- Nate can tell you that he is one by holding up one finger
-- Nate will point to his nose when you ask him "where do boogers live?"
-- Nate has "phantom bink" syndrome where he tries to take a non-existent binky out of his mouth
-- He presses his face up against the sliding glass door and the windows in the living room and "kisses" the glass
-- He hugs the dogs (the dogs tolerate the hugging)
-- He dances when he hears music
-- He is developing his own sense of humor
-- He says mom, dad, dog, duck, umbrella, and cup consistently and busts out a slew of other words when he feels like it.
-- He loves to play with his kitchen and his farm
-- He likes to watch Oswald the Octopus and Caillou

Everyday there is something new!

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