Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Second Conversation

Nate really doesn't talk much. He is EXTREMELY verbal, but he doesn't actually used a lot of ... words. So it is kind of a big deal when he does use words, that I can understand, like he did yesterday.

Nate and I were reading a book when we came to the end. "All done" I said to him.

He picked up his cup, finished what was inside and held it up to me. "All done" he said.

"Do you want some more?" I asked.

"More" Nate replied.

"More?" I asked again, excited because, dude, this is our second conversation.

"More" Nate replied.

"More?" I asked for a third time because he actually just said a word more than once, something he NEVER does...

"Yeah" Nate replied. With a look on his face that said "woman, I just told you that two time now would you quit asking me if I want more and make with the juice!"


Anonymous said...

tooooo cute

Karla said...

That's awesome!! You've got to love it when they can start communicating with you! I love that he knew to connect the "All done" of the book with the "all done" of his juice!! :)