Monday, August 11, 2008

To Catch a (Canine) Thief

Ok, many of you know what its like having a dog in a house with a baby. Baby things are typically new found dog toys. Introduce Beo, Nate's big puppy.

So Beo has been stealing Nate's stuff for a while now. He loves pacifiers. Typically he'll find one, pick it up and come up to us all wiggly and overly lovey-dovey. That's our cue to find he has something he shouldn't in his mouth. A quick "Beo drop it" and the little green prize bounces, sloberly, on the floor.

Sometimes we get a lucky break in the case. Instead of the usual "Snatch & Grab" job, Beo has to show more cunning in executing his caper. Maybe he has but seconds to grab it before being detected or must execute an extended tongue-reach given remote placement. The master thief grabs it delicately by the smallest of edges and runs.

When he's gingerly in retrieving the goods, it usually presents the cutest site. And for once daddy's camera was handy to document the perfect crime. Below is an un-retouched photo; no editing was done. This was not staged. This is what it looks like when you catch a thief:

How cute is that???

Note: Nate's other puppy Jax is much better mannered and does not steal his stuff. Thank you Jax!

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