Thursday, May 1, 2008

3 Month Check Up

Nate had his 3 month well baby visit with Dr. Bullock today and currently he weights 10.5 pounds and is 24" long. He didn't actually grow very much from last month (he only gained .25 pounds and grew .5") but since he is very alert and active, eating well, and reaching all of his milestones the doctor is not concerned.

Nate did have to get 2 shots and I wasn't able to hold him this time :(. He cried a cry I had never heard before and unlike the previous appointment I broke down and cried to. It just broke my heart to hear him scream and not be able to comfort him until after the second shot.

He recovered quickly when offered lunch though, so all is well now.

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la famiglia said...

I'm so sorry momma, it is heartbreaking! I'm glad the appt. went well though.