Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nathan's Birth or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NICU

Since people have been asking, its time to put it all out there... especially since pics following could use a little introduction.
Molly's blood pressure late in the pregnancy had gotten a bit high, so she had a Nonstress Test on Monday at 1 pm.  The results gave us a few interesting points:
 1. Molly's placenta was old
 2. Molly didn't have much amniotic fluid
So I got the call just before 3ish... "we're having a baby."  Yes, I knew that one, but I didn't know it was that day.  Molly was going to be induced.

So the cervidil was administered at 5.  It really didn't do its job, thinning and dilating the cervix while starting some minor contractions.  Moreso, Nathan's heartrate was dropping after each contraction.  This made the pitocin both pointless and risky.

So the C-Section prep was started. 

At 3:06 Nate was born. He had inhaled meconium and had a slight pneumothorax.  Molly had a bad reaction to the anestesia, making her dizzy, light-headed & nautious throughout the day.  Not a fun first day of motherhood.

Nate has been spending time with his extended family, the Riddle Memorial Hospital NICU since birth.  He's been treated with antibiotics to prevent infection from the meconium and oxygen to help his lungs.

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